Mr. Goh Siak Ngan, the founder of Kim Kang Aquaculture Sdn Bhd has more than 30 years experience in breeding of Arowana. It was at that time, the Legend of Arowana becomes a reality.


Through his hardship, he toiled his years in another company (now a member in the Malaysia Stock Exchange), assisting and experiencing the breeding of Arowana. From dusk till dawn, he studied the nature and the lifestyle of these Arowanas. And with a little capital, he started as a small entrepreneur all by himself.


He bought a few acres of land in Batu Pahat and with his expertise, he designed the unique piping in the farm for the breeding of these Arowanas. Little by little, the interest grew from these few acres of land he cultivated into a total of 100 acres (over 400 ponds), which cover not only in Bindu Batu Pahat but Bukit Merah Taiping as well.

The Founder of Kim Kang
Mr Goh Siak Ngan